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Eddie Elias: PBA Founder Merchandised Sports, Corporate, TV Worlds

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The anxiously awaited biography of the ever popular sports agent and merchandiser is back from the printer. Eddie Elias: PBA Founder merchandised sports, corporate, TV worlds, is now available!

Author Jane Richardson, known around the world for her well-researched books, gives the reader an in-depth look at Eddie, from his early childhood through high school, the University of Akron and Western Reserve Law School, and into the varied worlds of sports management, television and radio.

Through the eyes and words of over 270 friends, family members and business associates learn about the creation of the Professional Bowlers Association and how Eddie turned the sport into the fourth longest continuing sports series on network TV. Eddie truly turned bowling from blue collar to million dollar.

Always looking for a challenging opportunity, Eddie didn't stop with just one sport as many will recall playing with or watching him on the basketball court, baseball diamonds and football fields. Others joined him on the golf courses, and all will remember his sparkling smile and his winsome humor.

Golfing great Chi Chi Rodriguez summed it up: "There are no words that can describe or express the greatness of the Big E."


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